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Oh what a Morning

I was up early this morning and what a sight. Snow, Rain, Ice Gosh I am glad I was awake early, the weather was so much fun to watch. Firstly, it was raining, then switched to snow! The real heavy kind of snow that melts right away. Next came the ice, I think maybe it […]

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Waiting for Spring Time

The weather is getting warmer … Thoughts of a younger me … and on these nice days, it takes me back to when I was a kid, loving the burst of sunshine and warm weather. I saw kids doing that today, tossing off their coats and were running around, free as little birds 🙂 I […]

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Blogging while Sleepy …

I am getting sleepy … I am, for real, getting sleepy, but I want to blog, it’s my wish for the time, so I will. Just be warned, my thoughts are a bit scattered 🙂 It was a good day, but seemed like a long day. You know how some days are like that? Well […]

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Through my window …

… I’m watching the snow falling real lightly. Let it Snow Let it snow, but not too much! Wow, there was already almost 3 inches on the ground now there is more predicted, between 4-6 inches. It’s supposed to snow for the next twelve hours. Ok back to the window 🙂 I love how the […]

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The Fog

This is the worst fog I’ve seen in ages and it’s bad. I can’t see more that a foot away. What is out there ? I wonder what’s going on around here? I live close to our hospital and I’ve heard the ambulance and Fire station alarms, so I’m guessing nothing good is happening. This […]

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