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For Gabby

My twin sister Gabby told me about this song. The singer is Chris Daughtry Not only does Chris have an amazing voice, he looks remarkably like the love of her life, interesting and nice, too. They make a very nice couple as do Chris and his wife 🙂 Life can be good ! The Song […]

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RIP Baby Beluga

This touched my heart, my daughter and I used to sing the song when she was just a little girl. She loved it, and this sure brought back another memory. I am the sensitive sort, and this make me get teary eyes, well it’s better to be honest, isn’t it?  I feel things deeply and […]

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Both Sides

Did you ever think that way? That you looked at life from both sides? Win and Lose We get those two mind sets of how things are in life sometimes. I do, maybe I’m the only one 😉 Seriously, doesn’t it feel like things are almost  perfect and life is on track, then all of […]

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