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Eyes on the road …

Watch and Learn Kudos Volkswagen! This is a brilliant way to get out the message, “Don’t drive and text” “Don’t drive and talk on your mobile phone” !! My Thoughts I see the faces of the people watching this, you can see how it has made them think and think hard about the message. I […]

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Take a Test to Own a Pet?

To Test or Not? I will answer the question and my answer is YES, people should have to take a test!  I have seen more than a few cases of people with animals and also children, sad to say, who should not have either.  So yes, I think it’s necessary to make that a “must […]

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My Thoughts on Cats and Dogs

On my way home today, I saw a dog crossing a road, dodging the cars and this was on a secondary type road. I am sure I was not the only driver to wonder why. I didn’t want to stop as that probably would have caused even more trouble with traffic. I just wonder if […]

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