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Mini Donkey

Animal baby cuteness OMG, this is just so funny and sweet. Only two weeks old and all that energy I love this!! Share

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Just Watch this I had to watch this a few times, it’s just so amazing to watch Pugsley following the movie Homeward Bound, a movie about three pets who go on a journey to reunite with the ones they love after they think their family has left them behind. It’s great to watch this pug […]

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Happy Mother’s Day

Here in the United States it’s Mother’s Day, so to all Mom’s from me “Happy, Happy Mother’s Day”  I wish everyone a wonderful day My thoughts As always, being a Mom is the one thing I’ve done in life perfectly. My daughter is wonderful and I love her with all my heart, and she knows […]

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New Poems ~ New hopes

As I heal, I am writing poems. If you’d like to read them, they are here on this website Things change and life goes on. A huge thank you to the man I love, my sisters, my Mom and my brother-in-laws I am alive because of them. I have been dealing with major health issues, […]

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Later, never Goodbye

Cassie On Wednesday, April 17th, 2013, my much loved and beloved Cassie left this Earth. I was not ready for this. I will never be ready. I love her and cherished her with all my heart and soul. She was my baby girl kitty. Cassie was 14, as near as we can tell. I adopted […]

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