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A Happy Day for the Kitties

Hi, it’s me Cassie. I have to tell you how great a day it was. Shadow and I each got two presents!! Can you believe it?? We have been rather good though. Presents!! Guess what we got ? We each got a new catnip pouch from our Nana, she’s Mommy’s Mom and she loves us. […]

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Shadow the Kittie is Pretty :)

Hi, it’s me Cassie the kittie with some really super news 🙂 You will be ever so surprised! Shadow I have to tell you all about Shadow. It’s really good news this time. Shadow is rather shy and she won’t talk, but she did wave “HI” to everyone. She is probably glad her latest story […]

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This Girl Kittie is the best :)

Hi it’s me, Cassie 🙂  I have such good stuff to tell. I am the kittie that knows everything that goes on around here! Last Night Well, I was having a real craving for some tuna flavored Fancy Feast last night, it is our mostest favouritest of all treats. I know just what to do to get […]

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