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Lennon and Figaro

No it’s not about John Lennon Friends Figaro the kitten was found in bad shape on the street. He was rescued, and after being taken to the vet was brought home to meet Lennon, the Boxer dog. Watch these two meet for the first time, and see how patient Lennon is with his new friend! […]

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What a Dream :)

This is just too cute not to be shared What do you Think? I just wonder what this little dog is dreaming about?  These are things I would just love to know what is going on in the puppy mind I love to watch something cute and fun like this, instead of the sad things. […]

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What’s a dog to do when 3 baby goats are jumping all over him? Well, in the case of this Pyrenees, Cholla, just sit back and relax! This is just so sweet I just love how the baby goats are frolicking all around and pouncing on Cholla, they’re acting as if she were a huge […]

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