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Can be a bit clumsy but they are cuties!! Share

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A Piglet Rescue

OMG, the little boar piglets are just darling. This is so wonderful to see such caring for these tiny little cuties. The Lehnitz Animal Asylum saves these baby boars and tells their heartwarming story. The boars even get an unexpected mother: a pint-sized french bulldog that takes care of the energetic piglets. Baby has adopted […]

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Pygmy Jerboa

How Cute!!!!! At barely 2″ long (about 47 mm, to be exact), the pygmy jerboa is one of the smallest mammals in the world. While there are a few different species spread out across Central Asia and China, it is best loved in Kazakhstan, where it is featured on postal stamps! Scientists believe their diminutive […]

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Puppy Dreams

Have you ever been in the middle of a really great dream and later realized someone was filming you the whole time? This newborn Schnauzer knows how you feel. This is just so cute Hope you like it, too! Video streaming by Ustream Share

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Meet Peabody

This is very cute! Peabody is a young Tawny Owl that hatched in the Propagation Department of the World Bird Sanctuary. Watch Peabody enjoy a bath. There are other videos of Peabody, he is a busy little owl The videos Share

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