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Jerry Dog

What a grand idea 🙂 Jerry absolutely loves chasing his ball, so his awesome guardian decided to build a machine that will throw the ball for Jerry any time he picks up the ball and puts it in the machine. It even comes with sensors that shut it down if Jerry or the little human […]

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Zeke finds a running buddy …

Amazing! This is just so wonderful to see these two running and having a bond of sorts 🙂 We humans could sure learn from the animals! I hope you enjoyed the video 🙂 It’s a smiler ! Share

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Mini Donkey

Animal baby cuteness OMG, this is just so funny and sweet. Only two weeks old and all that energy 🙂 I love this!! Share

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Just Watch this 🙂 I had to watch this a few times, it’s just so amazing to watch Pugsley following the movie Homeward Bound, a movie about three pets who go on a journey to reunite with the ones they love after they think their family has left them behind. It’s great to watch this […]

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A Dog Named Charcoal :)

This is just the cutest, and does Charcoal have lots of energy or what? I watched this more than once 🙂 It just is so great to see all this cuteness, Charcoal and his red bucket 🙂 This makes me smile, how about you?? Share

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