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12 Christmas Dangers For Your Pets

Don’t forget to watch out for things that could harm your pet over the holidays! Chocolate, bones and nuts, can be toxic or even fatal to pets. 1. Chocolate is toxic to all animals and in particular small dogs. It can cause vomiting, hyperactivity, heart arrhythmias, tremors and seizures. Chocolate contains caffeine and methylxanthines; the […]

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Lots of Kittie toys

Hi everyone 🙂 it’s me Cassie. I finally get to tell you about the new toys that Shadow and I got for Christmas. It’s been awhile since I last got to talk and tell all the news. Shadow sends meows, as usual she is being shy. Well, Shadow isn’t shy at home, but she doesn’t […]

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December Shopping Madness

It’s here again! That madness that is December Christmas Shopping. My personal thoughts on this are “why” ? What is the reason for this madness?? Hmmm … Nasty faces I’m not even out doing Christmas shopping, but I see them. Those nasty faces of people, ones who are either stressed out, stuck being a cashier […]

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