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What I have learned about scars…

About life and myself … At First I used to think I wanted a tattoo with the words, “Cicatrix Manet”. Those words are Latin for “The scar remains”. I didn’t think I was unique in the fact that I had scars from different kind of hurts. I just wanted to have a tattoo to remind […]

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Like the Seasons …

People change … Seasons We all know, there’s a season for everything. Changes and more changes. Adjusting is sometimes not easy, is it? I think this is the hardest thing at times. Dealing with each season, for each is new and different every year. My favorite seasons are summer and autumn 🙂 I like spring […]

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A New Year begins

It’s here It’s a brand new year, and it’s just begun. I look at the numbers 2012 🙂 I wonder how long I will be writing 2011? It takes me a bit to get used to the change. Changes are good, and what better time for other changes? I look forward to beginning a whole […]

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