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Lennon and Figaro

No it’s not about John Lennon 😉 Friends Figaro the kitten was found in bad shape on the street. He was rescued, and after being taken to the vet was brought home to meet Lennon, the Boxer dog. Watch these two meet for the first time, and see how patient Lennon is with his new […]

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Cat & Bunny Cuddle

This just made me smile so much 🙂 Just imagine It’s a bit odd that these two would be friends. BUT they are and they are even cuddling 🙂 So that leads me to believe that we humans again could learn from them. Looking different is not a reason to not be a friend, is […]

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Unlikely Friends

These two friends are so darling.  I just got such a smile over this story, 🙂 see if you do too!!! This unlikely pair lives in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, where they play together every morning. If you ever wanted evidence that the bonds of friendship can transcend even the most extreme differences, you need to see […]

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Let’s be Friends

I am so impressed by this, how to introduce a kitten to an older cat! This is one of the best articles/videos I have ever seen 🙂 I would encourage anyone to watch the video. Kodi and Shorty make Friends BFF’s 🙂 Cats are notoriously territorial, so when one video-savvy dude brought an adorable kitten […]

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Cat Adopts Baby Squirrel

What a lovely story this is 🙂  Again, I read it and had to share!! Bushytail the baby Squirrel When 8-year-old Bailee Schultz discovered an orphaned baby squirrel in his grandparents’ wooded Michigan backyard, he was scared that it was dying. But his grandparents’ cat Oreo had just given birth to five kittens, so they carefully […]

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