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Come on and Smile !

I love to find something each day to make someone smile 🙂 I hope this makes YOU smile ! Bunny Cuteness Share

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Bunny …

accidentally discovered he loves water … I never knew! I never knew that bunnies like water!! When my daughter was younger, she wanted to get a bunny and train it to stay in the house. I did read about it, and they do litter train easily. Well, with kitties around, not a great idea. I […]

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Cat & Bunny Cuddle

This just made me smile so much 🙂 Just imagine It’s a bit odd that these two would be friends. BUT they are and they are even cuddling 🙂 So that leads me to believe that we humans again could learn from them. Looking different is not a reason to not be a friend, is […]

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