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Animal baby cuteness

OMG, this is just so funny and sweet. Only two weeks old and all that energy :) I love this!!


Just Watch this :)

I had to watch this a few times, it’s just so amazing to watch Pugsley following the movie Homeward Bound, a movie about three pets who go on a journey to reunite with the ones they love after they think their family has left them behind. It’s great to watch this pug react moment-to-moment to the emotional ending of the movie.

I watched this movie with my daughter when she was 5 years old, I still remember the pure joy of seeing the family reunited with their fur babies.


Pugsley has won my heart :) I thank his human’s for letting us “share” in his cuteness !

Toni is an Angel

10,000 Kittens Saved Thanks to Toni’s Animal Rescue Efforts

More about Toni

Toni’s Kitty Rescue is a registered 501(c)(3) non profit organization founded by Toni Sestak in 2004. We are an active, dedicated community of volunteers who provide foster care for sick, orphaned kittens that are too young to be considered adoptable. We work hand in hand with San Francisco Animal Care and Control to create and deliver life giving resources to homeless cats and kittens. Every year Toni’s Kitty Rescue provides foster homes for approximately 800 kittens.


Toni began her rescue and foster work in 1995 and never stopped! She founded Toni’s Kitty Rescue as a registered non profit in 2004. Born and raised in California; Toni is the mother of five grown children and grandmother to eight. She has lived in San Francisco most of her adult life and raised the family here with her husband Tom Sestak.

Toni’s Facebook

My Thoughts

What a wonderful woman Toni is :)  I am glad she is doing such an amazing  job saving kittens.  I also think she is an angel :)  I bet there are thousands and thousands of  kitties who agree !!  Thank you, Toni !

This is just the cutest, and does Charcoal have lots of energy or what?

I watched this more than once :) It just is so great to see all this cuteness, Charcoal and his red bucket :) This makes me smile, how about you??


Leonardo DiCaprio Gives $1M to Protect Elephants

Following up on a $3 million grant he made to protect ocean habitats earlier this year, Leonardo DiCaprio has flexed the financial power of his environmental foundation yet again with a $1 million gift to save elephants. The money, announced at a benefit honoring Save the Elephants Founder and CEO Dr. Iain Douglas-Hamilton, will directly fund initiatives on the ground to curb poaching threats throughout the world.

“Elephant poaching is a brutal crisis, with more than 30,000 elephants killed last year alone,” DiCaprio said in a statement. “The decimation of these animals is something we have the power to stop, and the Elephant Crisis Fund is a crucial part of the solution. I am honored to support them and recognize Dr. Douglas-Hamilton for his lifelong commitment to protecting this species.”

Despite not attending the gala, DiCaprio’s massive gift proved to be an inspiring force — rallying those at the Malibu event to match the donation by raising another $1 million.

“The only future for elephants is for governments, organizations and individuals to join together in their support. What we have seen in Los Angeles has given us greater hope than ever, as a generous donation by the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation was matched by this astonishing community,” said Douglas-Hamilton.

Clearly on a roll, organizers have taken their campaign online, urging the worldwide community to help them achieve a fundraising goal of $5 million.


My Thoughts

I think that Leo is a great human being. Being a celebrity is a plus and he is just wonderful for his good deeds. I say a big Thank You, Leo :)

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