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Owls are unique

I’ve been watching this livestream for about 10 minutes, and I’ve already learned a ton of fascinating things about owl habits. Owls are a little weird. But hey, so are humans Live Video streaming by Ustream Share

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Baby Robin

This is so interesting ! I love how the Mom bird is right there. My goodness that little baby robin has a big mouth for such a tiny little thing Share

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Spring has Sprung

It is beautiful Spring is here, or mostly here. Check out this wonderful video, then you will be positive Spring is here! Share

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Starfish rush hour

What a great video this is Hope you like it, too! /> It seems humans aren’t the only ones to be plagued by a hectic commute every day. A stunning new time-lapse video has shed some light on the dark seabed – showing a chaotic scene, reminiscent of our rush hour, as starfish bump into […]

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Can be a bit clumsy but they are cuties!! Share

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