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Pennsylvania Bald Eagles

My Mom shared this with me in February, amazing to watch these Eagles. I hope you enjoy the cam ! Bald Eagle Live Stream, Hanover Join us in celebrating a thriving bald eagle population in Pennsylvania. This brief peek into the lives of this bald eagle family is brought to you by the coordinated efforts […]

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A Moment of Zen

Sharing I’m a day late for Earth Day, but no matter, I wanted to share this video and my thoughts about elephants. Check out the video My Thoughts Elephants are wise, they are much smarter than most people realize. They have deep family bonds, they also mourn their dead.  Pretty awesome!  They have memories that […]

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Owls are unique

I’ve been watching this livestream for about 10 minutes, and I’ve already learned a ton of fascinating things about owl habits. Owls are a little weird. But hey, so are humans 😉 Live Video streaming by Ustream Share

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Baby Robin

This is so interesting ! I love how the Mom bird is right there. My goodness that little baby robin has a big mouth for such a tiny little thing 😉 Share

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Spring has Sprung

It is beautiful Spring is here, or mostly here. Check out this wonderful video, then you will be positive Spring is here! Share

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