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For Gabby

My twin sister Gabby told me about this song. The singer is Chris Daughtry Not only does Chris have an amazing voice, he looks remarkably like the love of her life, interesting and nice, too. They make a very nice couple as do Chris and his wife 🙂 Life can be good ! The Song […]

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Leo is saving Elephants

Leonardo DiCaprio Gives $1M to Protect Elephants Following up on a $3 million grant he made to protect ocean habitats earlier this year, Leonardo DiCaprio has flexed the financial power of his environmental foundation yet again with a $1 million gift to save elephants. The money, announced at a benefit honoring Save the Elephants Founder […]

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Come on and Smile !

I love to find something each day to make someone smile 🙂 I hope this makes YOU smile ! Bunny Cuteness Share

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Happy Mother’s Day

Here in the United States it’s Mother’s Day, so to all Mom’s from me “Happy, Happy Mother’s Day”  I wish everyone a wonderful day 🙂 My thoughts As always, being a Mom is the one thing I’ve done in life perfectly. My daughter is wonderful and I love her with all my heart, and she […]

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Ronan the sea lion

What an amazing thing this is 🙂 very cute and also smart! I loved the video … Ronan Ronan, a 3-year-old sea lion, demonstrated her ability to bob to the beat in six experiments led by doctoral candidate Peter Cook at the Long Marine Lab at UCSC. “Dancing is universal among humans, and until recently, […]

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