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For Gabby

My twin sister Gabby told me about this song. The singer is Chris Daughtry Not only does Chris have an amazing voice, he looks remarkably like the love of her life, interesting and nice, too. They make a very nice couple as do Chris and his wife 🙂 Life can be good ! The Song […]

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Mini Donkey

Animal baby cuteness OMG, this is just so funny and sweet. Only two weeks old and all that energy 🙂 I love this!! Share

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Happy Mother’s Day

I wish all of you Moms a very happy day. I think being a Mom is an amazing journey, but one I would not have wanted to miss! Have a Special Day 🙂 Share

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What a buddy

Lesson in Life Tortoise Helps Friend Who’s Flipped Over 🙂 This little turtle could teach us all a little something about kindness and friendship. This video is just amazing, I’ve never seen anything like it! It sure did make me stop and think … Share

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Spring has Sprung

It is beautiful 🙂 Spring is here, or mostly here. Check out this wonderful video, then you will be positive Spring is here! Share

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