Watch and Learn

Kudos Volkswagen! This is a brilliant way to get out the message, “Don’t drive and text” “Don’t drive and talk on your mobile phone” !!

My Thoughts

I see the faces of the people watching this, you can see how it has made them think and think hard about the message. I am very impressed with this and so much wish that anyone who watches this will remind those you love to leave the phone alone!! Pull off the road if you must text or talk. Keep your full attention on driving and be safe !!

Jerry Dog

What a grand idea :)

Jerry absolutely loves chasing his ball, so his awesome guardian decided to build a machine that will throw the ball for Jerry any time he picks up the ball and puts it in the machine. It even comes with sensors that shut it down if Jerry or the little human in the house get too close. It took his human two years, on and off, to create the thing, but that didn’t mean the two of them didn’t still play together, even when the machine was a part of the playing.

How cute Jerry is !

What a Lucky Dog ;)

Jerry has a great human, it’s so nice to watch the interaction with the little child and Jerry, too. I like to watch this sort of thing :) makes me smile. Have loads of fun, Jerry!


This is just so wonderful to see these two running and having a bond of sorts :) We humans could sure learn from the animals!


I hope you enjoyed the video :) It’s a smiler !

Mini Donkey

Animal baby cuteness

OMG, this is just so funny and sweet. Only two weeks old and all that energy :) I love this!!


Just Watch this :)

I had to watch this a few times, it’s just so amazing to watch Pugsley following the movie Homeward Bound, a movie about three pets who go on a journey to reunite with the ones they love after they think their family has left them behind. It’s great to watch this pug react moment-to-moment to the emotional ending of the movie.

I watched this movie with my daughter when she was 5 years old, I still remember the pure joy of seeing the family reunited with their fur babies.


Pugsley has won my heart :) I thank his human’s for letting us “share” in his cuteness !

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